From our Home to Yours.

Tradition comes to life in our Southern kitchen. Duplin Gourmet’s
sauces, dressings, jellies & fruit spreads bring inspiration to dishes,
parties and celebrations.


Starting from the most humble of beginnings, Duplin Gourmet Foods is rooted in the principles of our commitment to hard work, responsibility to friends and family, and a desire to bring Honor and Glory to God for all his Blessings.


The Bistro at Duplin Winery opened its doors in 2001, with the goal of providing a seasonal menu that would capitalize on fresh ingredients and uniquely crafted dressings, marinades, and sauces. Family, friends, and employees shared recipes, thoughts and opinions (whether solicited or not) and Duplin Gourmet was born. Customers would make special requests for “Bert’s jelly” or “Jonathan’s frozen wine slushies” and soon enough our Muscadine Orange Poppy Seed Dressing became the most requested salad dressing in the house. Folks would often ask for a splash to take home – or call us for the recipe. We decided it was too good not to share. Our Duplin Gourmet Foods division is an ever- evolving, family owned and operated business whose obligation to its customers parallels its obligation to family. Every product created by Duplin Gourmet is produced with the same mindset we used over a decade ago. Produce something with pride and purpose and deliver it with love. Our very first customers are still requesting their favorites and we hope that you will soon discover yours. 

Duplin Gourmet provides a full of line of Jams, Jellies, Salsas, Dressings, Crackers, and Sweetzers, locally made in Rose Hill, NC and is available for purchase for individuals and businesses.

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