Hatteras Red Wine Jelly

Coastal James grapes lend their color to this vibrant red jelly. A sweet topper made with Duplin’s bestselling wines.

Christmas Wine Jelly

Muscadine wine jelly dressed for the Holidays! This wine jelly presents the flavorful Muscadine grape as it tastes fresh off the vine.

Premium wine jellies that encompass the taste of sweet Muscadines and summertime.

Wine Jellies

Grape Jelly

Muscadine Grape Jelly is a sweet spread made from a blend of ripened red and golden muscadines.  A family favorite.

Muscadine Pepper Jelly

Muscadine Pepper Jelly is perfectly peppered with just the right amount of heat.  Muscadine Pepper Jelly is the perfect condiment for easy entertaining.

Scuppernong Grape Jelly

A slightly tart - mingled with sweet jelly embodies the essence of North Carolina’s state fruit

Scuppernong Wine Jelly

Premium wine jelly made from the oldest wine recipe in America.

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